Slamlocks and deadlocks

Improve Vehicle Security with Slamlocks and Deadlocks

If you have a company van, run a fleet, or even just carry goods of a higher than usual value, it’s well worth investing in a high security aftermarket lock in addition to the standard locks on your vehicle.

Although the locks fitted by manufacturers are getting ever more sophisticated, they fit exactly the same locks to every single car or van or truck in their range.

Increase the strength and security of your vehicle doors by having us fit additional protective plates, manual deadlocks or replacement slamlocks.

Vehicle Armour Plates

Additional protection such as armour plates installed over and around the existing locks offer a very cheap way to increase security to an auto lock. Several of the apparently better vehicles have been found to be weak against attacks as simple as pulling the entire lock out the door or a small hole next to the lock to defeat it. An added hardened anti-drill steel plate over the lock will deter anyone from even trying such an attack, and this makes them a popular choice for lower risk areas.


Additional deadlocks mean that the body of a van can be left secure even from the driver if need be, which is very useful for times such as servicing, when it is unlikely you will want to empty the rear of the vehicle entirely. And for the carriage of high value or highly coveted goods, they remove the risk of the doors being opened suddenly at a traffic stop, or while waiting, even if the window is smashed and the central locking triggered.


Slamlocks are a great, indeed vital, addition to a tradesman or courier’s van. Each door is individually secure, and the moment it is shut, it is locked – it cannot be forgotten. The high security locks also prevent even a specialist opening technique or tool which would otherwise defeat all similar vehicles from that manufacturer from being of any use whatsoever. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, it stops anyone from just hopping out the driver’s seat and “nipping to the back door” or doing a delivery – leaving the engine running for even a moment unattended could spell disaster, not only from an opportunistic robbery but also from civil or criminal liability should something else go wrong.

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